Ordering Schedule: We roast coffee fresh per order. Due to our dedication to fresh roasted coffee, the following ordering schedule helps streamline our production timeline. Orders can be placed Monday - Thursday by 9am. Any orders placed after 9am will be roasted the following day. Any orders placed after 9am on Thursday will be roasted the following Monday. A 10 pound minimum order is required to receive wholesale pricing, delivery or shipping.

Discounts: Unless specifically offered to a wholesale client, all discount codes announced through social media, newsletters or our website apply to retail clients only. Any wholesale orders with a discount code applied at checkout will not be processed. An email will be sent to inform the client of order cancellation and the client will be asked to reorder without applying a discount code. 

Shipping and Deliveries: Our local delivery area is limited to establishments inside the 610 Loop in Houston, Texas. Anything outside of this radius will be shipped using either USPS or UPS. A 10 pound minimum order is required to receive wholesale pricing, delivery or shipping. Any orders under 20 pounds that require shipping will incur a $5.00 shipping charge. Any orders over 20 pounds will ship at no cost. All local deliveries will be made Tuesday - Friday only. All shipments will be made Monday-Friday only. Due to our website calculating shipping costs based on weight, all clients meeting the criteria to receive local delivery, will be given a unique code to use during checkout that will remove the $5.00 shipping fee.

Credit Terms: Net 15 terms are for approved wholesale clients only. If your establishment does not have approved terms, your order must be paid in full at the time of purchase using our online payment options. If you wish to apply for terms, please contact us: info@amayaroasting.com. Amaya Roasting Company, LLC reserves the right to refuse terms to any entity for any reason at anytime.

Remit to: AMAYA ROASTING CO.   PO BOX 7914 HOUSTON, TX 77270